Brown-backed Honeybird - a new species to our Gallery

Finally.... a New species added to our Bird Gallery!

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to add new southern African bird species to our regional bird gallery since we already have over 650 of our local species and strive to upload only images of a certain quality. I will be the first to acknowledge that this is not one of my finest photographs but this little bird has been decidedly tough to photograph - forcing me to go the point-and-shoot style; I normally don't like shooting from the hip up into a tree since it gives the sort of results one finds all over fb and the internet :) (I call them enema shots - you can guess why)... but if you stand a bit further away you can sometimes get a more acceptable angle. if you can't beat them join them :)

Brown-backed Honeybird Prodotiscus regulus / Afrikaans:Skerpbekheuningvoël, formely known as Sharp-billed Honeyguide but since it is not an Indicator Honeyguide I suppose the name change makes sense.